Bareboat Vessels


Golden Ocean Group Ltd ("GOGL") is receiving all management services from its wholly owned subsidiary, Golden Ocean Management. Golden Ocean Management AS has in turn contracted various services from Frontline Management (Bermuda) Ltd. which includes technical management.

 Ship ClassVessel Name ManagerFlag Built DWT Yard Min. period
Net charter
Golden Eclipse
  ThomeHK201079 600 mtJinhaiwanFeb 202028,025
Ship Details
Golden Eclipse
Loa:229 m
Beam:32.26 m
Draft summer:14.5 m
GRT:42 800
NRT:27 500
Number of holds/hatches:7
Grain capacity:96 500 m3
Golden Lyderhorn
Large version
  ThomeHK199974 242 mtSaseboSpot
Ship Details
Golden Lyderhorn
Loa:225 m
Beam:32.26 m
Draft summer:13.8 m
GRT:38 928
NRT:24 319
Number of holds/hatches:7
Grain capacity:87 590 m3