Shipping is the lifeblood of global transportation, connecting countries, cultures, and economies across the globe. Keeping international supply chains linked from industry demands to consumer needs.

As one of the world’s leading dry bulk shipping companies, we help supply the world with commodities essential to farming, manufacturing, and energy supply. Every day, our fleet is chartered by customers around the world and powered by investors who trust in our forward-looking strategy, best-in-class safety standards, and strong financial track record.

Connecting cultures and countries
The global economy depends on connection. On the safe and efficient mobility of goods. So, we carefully analyze the markets to improve performance, cut costs, and prepare for the future technologies that will unlock new possibilities and greater revenue.
In essence, our main mission is to optimize the flow of goods.
To help countries and companies trade and to set sustainable strategies for the journey ahead. Both financially and environmentally. Bridging the long-term strategy for our company with how we serve the market on a daily basis.

An investor-focused setup
Our mindset, our outlook, and our dividends-focused strategy make Golden Ocean the clear-cut pick for shipping-savvy investors: A proven track record combined with a forward-looking drive to set the course for the entire dry bulk shipping industry.
As the largest owner of Capesize vessels, we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of market upswings. When dry bulk goes up, the largest upside is on Capes, both on freight and on increases in the asset price.
This means our shares can go the highest as the vessels we own increase the most in value – ultimately enabling us to pay more dividends to our shareholders.

We will go beyond expectations and lead the new paradigm of dry bulk shipping. Not only because we can. But because it is in our DNA.

Mission — Go further
Our mission is simple, but vital:
We support global trade by linking countries, cultures, and economies.

This is done by ensuring the flow of goods from every part of globe.
With agility, efficiency, and safety as guiding principles.Our cargo allows businesses to flourish and life to unfold. It is the foundation of modern societies. And we recognize our responsibility in this equation.

When change rules, we are the stabilizing factor.
When opportunities arise, we go further.

Vision — Go beyond
Shipping will change.

Digitalization, sustainability, and connectivity will set a new pace for us all.
We will go from habitual thinking to intelligent curiosity.
We will be synonymous with new and sustainable technologies.
We will prove that financial and sustainable solutions go hand in hand.

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