Golden Ocean Group Limited (“Golden Ocean” or the “Company”) is a leading international dry bulk shipping company founded in 1996 and based in Bermuda. Golden Ocean is mainly operating in the Capesize, Panamax and Supramax segments and the Company is listed on NASDAQ and the Oslo Stock Exchange. The Company owns and controls a fleet of 87 vessels including vessels chartered in on long term time charter contracts. Golden Ocean provide customers with flexible and reliable transportation services and develop strong industry relations with partners and customers.

The mission is to provide customers with flexible and reliable transportation services and to develop strong industry relations with partners and customers, leading to superior returns to the Company’s shareholders.

Golden Ocean is operating with a fully integrated commercial management structure responsible for all vessels and contracts. Technical operations and crewing of all owned vessels are outsourced to a few leading ship management companies. Golden Ocean is targeting low overhead and daily ship operating costs.

Golden Ocean seeks to optimize its investment and divestment decisions, and the short and long chartering positions, as a function of the cyclical nature of the business. In order to optimize the return to equity holders, the company is seeking financing which includes an attractive combination of debt and equity. The Company is, in connection with ownership of vessels, focusing on the overall cash break-even rates needed to support the specific project as well as the company.

To balance the risk Golden Ocean might seek charter coverage in the physical and financial markets. The growth of the Company can be achieved by acquiring additional tonnage through individual purchases, en bloc purchases, as well as small or large corporate transactions. The growth can also be achieved through entering into major short or long term contracts for transportation of goods and chartering of vessels.

Golden Ocean is positioning itself as an attractive investment vehicle for public investors. The major building blocks are transparency, good corporate governance, strong management team, competitive cost base, active business dealing, and attractive long term equity return and shareholder friendly information philosophy. Efficiently priced equity is a major condition for the growth of the company. Through an attractively priced equity, the Company can act as a consolidator in a highly fragmented market.