Team — Go Together
To outsiders, dry bulk shipping is about logistics. In reality, it is about relationships. Dry bulk is based on partnerships. With our customers and our investors.
And within our own tight-knit, dedicated, and loyal teams.
Working together across companies, cultures, and borders is only possible because we are a team of doers and leaders – bound by an ambition to always go forward together no matter what.

Commitment — Go Focused
We want Golden Ocean to be home to the best and brightest in dry bulk shipping. People who are dedicated to bringing out the best in themselves and everyone around them. This requires extreme commitment and keen focus on quality. As the leading dry bulk shipping company, we are not only committed to setting the standard for our company and our people – but also for the industry. Because of this, we work with forward-looking strategies that continue to push us on a path to becoming greener and more profitable.

Aspiration — Go Above
We aspire to be green and still be in the black.
Steering our industry in a more sustainable direction. And strengthening our commercial operations. Looking ahead of the curve and actively exploring new possibilities as they emerge. Our visions are far-reaching, and we openly communicate about our efforts. From the digitalization of our fleet to our collected ESG efforts. We believe in governance guided by a genuine wish to make a positive impact on the world in which we operate. Sometimes in strides and sometimes with smaller steps; but always with a clear strategy in mind.