At Golden Ocean, we are committed to change that matters. For our business, for our customers, and for the world in which we operate. Both in the long-term and right now.

So, we are actively involved in exploring the technologies and digital opportunities that will drive the future of shipping. And in providing positive upsides for our business and our surroundings.

Read on to explore our stance and initiatives on ESG as a whole:

  • Environment
  • Social responsibility
  • Governance

Governance — Leading by example
Transparency, clear goals, and vision are key to a well-run company. Our global teams combine passion and critical-thinking to navigate risks and jump on new opportunities – to the benefit of both our customers and our investors. Corporate governance is key to fostering the trust and openness that enable us to succeed as a company and in relation to our investors. As a consequence, we are committed to openly communicating our results, our strategies, and outlook on the markets as well as new technologies and future business drivers.

As a NASDAQ and OSE-listed company, we hold ourselves to the highest corporate governance standards. This means following a clear code of business ethics and conduct as well as specific bye-laws that help regulate our organization.

Environment — Going greener and staying in the black
As a dry bulk shipping company, our main mission is to optimize the flow of goods around the world. To help countries and companies trade and to set sustainable strategies for the journey ahead. Not just financially but also environmentally.

Because of our ESG perspective, we are acutely focused on our role in making shipping a sustainable industry. A shift that will require new technology and overall industry commitment.

As part of the Getting to Zero Coalition, we are involved in an industry-wide collaboration to decarbonize shipping, and make it an even more sustainable means of transportation. The journey towards emission-free shipping is as complex as it is impactful and so we are committed to raising awareness of the possibilities, perspectives, and milestone of our work.

Read on to explore our ESG reports and stance on sustainability:


Social — Sustainability is also about people

As a global operator, we are heavily invested in maintaining good relationships with all our stakeholders.

While cultures and customs differ across the world, we aim to treat all of our partners fairly and equally. Sometimes, situations will arise that are out of our control. So, we monitor world politics and conflicts to adjust our business in order to fulfill our contracts and keep our business running smoothly.